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 There are new ranks for the guild

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PostSubject: There are new ranks for the guild   Thu Apr 09, 2015 5:20 pm

NEW ranking system

There is now a new ranking system. what this means: PVE officers,WvW officers,PVP officers, Dungeon Officers, take on a new roll in the guild. these people take the newer members in party's to do events that their job title shows.So these people will only do these types of activities.

Recruiters-- will recruit new members into the guild and work together checking the guild roster to make sure that the people that they have just recruited have the info such as::: website[this one], teamspeak3 installed and working, representing right after being recruited into the guild. know how the game is played [ crafting,salvaging,framing] the rules for the guild,and when they can use the guild bank.[3 days after representing the guild by anets rules.] Only recruiters are allowed to recruit members into the guild and no one else.

1st officer::: 1st officer over see's the other officers in the guild to make sure they are doing their jobs. any one not making an effort will be demoted to full member.this responsibility is to be handled by only one person.I will only make 1 first officer to over see the others in the guild and they report to me "only".

Guild friends::: Guild friends are leaders of their own guild. Only the leader can be a guild friend. Guild friends are not required to represent us. They can if they wish ,but they are not required.

Full Members::: Full members are people who have been in the guild for more than a month and have fulfilled the requirements as listed above and or waiting for advancement.

There will not be a newer members rank. Because I expect the recruiters to do their jobs as required and to check the roster every day to make sure people are representing the guild at all times.

If you have any questions pm me.. Thanks Smile flower
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There are new ranks for the guild
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